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Kookers Kare SmokeFest Rib Order Page

Kookers Kare SMOKED RIBS are out of this world….but they’re cooked “Deep in the heart of Sugar Creek.” Several competitiion BBQ teams will be hard at work seasoning and smoking these beauties over hickory wood. You’ll have loads of trouble eating just one. Kookers Kare offers these SMOKED RIBS for your eating enjoyment at only $18 per slab. Popular with everyone these fully cooked smoked Pork Ribs will be taken from the smoker, cooled and carefully wrapped and then frozen. They will last in your freezer for several months so stock up now. If you order online will have to pick them up yourself on Saturday after 2:00 and Sunday before 2:00 pm on March 23-24, 2019 at Mike Onka Community Hall in Sugar Creek MO.

Order your ribs below. $18.00 each.